The Epic Server Move

Friday night, May 20th, the Advantage Technology data center was shut down for the big move to the new location at 950 Kanawha Blvd E. We have a lot of companies that rely on the Advantage Technology data center, so the move had to go perfectly. We scheduled downtime with our customers from 8 pm to 8 am Saturday morning, giving us a 12-hour window to get it done!

We couldn’t have picked a worse night; it was cold and pouring rain. But it had to get done.


It’s the ending of an era…

For over ten years Advantage Technology has been located at 814 Quarrier St. in downtown Charleston. It’s in this building that the Advantage Technology team has gathered together to solve our customer’s technology challenges, delivered new and innovated services and just kind of hung out together.

One of our favorite ways of hanging out is the potluck lunch! Every few months we’ll all get together, eat all kinds of great homemade grub and just hang out.

Why Advantage Technology?

Richard Wilbur III
I’m glad to see that you’re interested in Advantage Technology and am grateful for the opportunity to earn your business. I can promise you that we will make every effort to make your current technology-related challenges a thing of the past. You can count on us to be there with a solution to all of your IT needs, big and small.Advantage