Nortel’s CS1000E End Presents New Opportunities

Nortel Dead End

In 2009 Avaya won an auction for Nortel’s Enterprise Solutions business which includes the Nortel Communication Servers. As these systems have aged and become difficult to maintain, Avaya has begun phasing them out, starting with the CS1000E.

On April 9, 2018, Avaya ended the Sale of New CS1000E systems.

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End of CS1000E

The CS1000E system was introduced in 2004 evolving from the Meridian 1 Option 11C-81C products which started in 1990. Prior to that, the portfolio evolved from SL1 lineage dating back to 1975.

Avaya is taking this step now as they are no longer able to continue to manufacture critical circuit packs and assemblies for the CS1000E system due to age and component availability.

This notice also includes the End of Sale of CS1000 Release 7.6 software. Release 7.6 has been available since 2013 and is the final CS1000E software release.

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Moving Forward with Avaya

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