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The explosion of smartphones and tablets is transforming the way we communicate, work and manage our personal lives. We stay connected everywhere, and collaborate on the go at every opportunity we get. We need the ability to access business applications at the highest speeds and quality possible – regardless of where we are or which device we are using.

The combination of mobile devices and cloud based applications is changing the way small and midsize businesses (SMBs) operate and how their employees engage with customers and interact with business processes. Forbes reported that SMBs who adopt mobile technologies are seeing double the revenue growth – and are creating up to eight times as many jobs as their less mobile-ready peers1. Empowering your employees to interact seamlessly with customers and partners can help build a competitive advantage and also greatly improve productivity. In the US alone, SMBs are saving more than $67 billion USD a year using mobile applications, tablets and smart phones in day-to-day activities.

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The Network as a Business Enabler

SMBs are embracing new technologies such as mobility, cloud and unified communications to help them compete cost-effectively in this new mobile work environment. For them, the network is evolving from an IT resource to a strategic business enabler. To support employee productivity—whether working from home, in meeting rooms, or at client offices – SMBs need a simple and  reliable network infrastructure that can be supported by limited IT resources.

A recent study shows that 67% of the SMBs are using tablets for business purposes, and 93% are using smartphones3 that are often owned and managed by the employee but used for business purposes. Given their sheer number, properly securing access for these BYOD devices and onboardin them to the network without significantly increasing IT operations costs need to be an integral part of the conversation when preparing the foundation for your mobile-first business apps.

Mobile device use surpasses projected growth

  • 67% of small to midsized businesses view mobile solutions and services as critical to the business.
  • 7 in 10 businesses get user complaints about poor Wi-Fi, but 6 in 10 SMB customers don’t have on-staff networking expertise.
  • 78% of U.S. small businesses will have fully adopted cloud computing by 2020 – more than doubling the current 37%.


Tech Support

Aruba Instant 802.11ac access points feature fast set-up, enterprise grade security, a built-in management dashboard, and gigabit Wi-Fi speeds – all in one affordable package. Aruba Instant offers:

  • Simplicity with fast set-up that does not require network expertise, and a free built-in management interface.
  • Tested 36% faster in performance  than competing solutions when connecting lots of mobile devices all at once.6
  • Security with built-in firewall and smart application handling for granular visibility and control.
  • Reliability with no single point of failover and network survivability to the last access point.
  • Provides investment protection and scales as your business grows, even when adding a controller later, using the same Instant APs.