Focus on your Business. Let Advantage Technology focus on your IT

Joe Justice

On February 24th, we held the first Advantage Lunch of 2016 at Edgewood Country Club. (If you’re not familiar with the Advantage Lunch, learn about it at The topic this month was “Focus on your Business. Let Advantage Technology focus on your IT” where we focused on our Managed Services. In case you didn’t make or just want a refresher, I want to give you a recap of what we discussed.

For a lot of business professionals, IT has become more of a necessary evil than a productivity booster. How much of every day do you spend managing IT systems rather than doing your actual job?

With businesses large and small too much time and money is put into managing IT. It seems like there are new updates, security threats and product news every day. And as soon as you buy something new, it's already out of date.

You've probably thought of hiring full-time IT staff but just can't afford it. You're not in the IT business, after all, you need your revenue to service your customers.

Maybe you already have IT staff, or you’re an IT manager, but your staff is just too busy. You'd like to hire more technicians, but bringing on another employee just isn't an option right now.

So you come to work early and leave late, you spend more time on Google than anywhere else, and you read tech articles and forums just to try to stay ahead and keep your IT running smoothly.

And still you sometimes get caught off guard when you come into the office and realize a server is down, or email isn’t working.

There is a better way… Managed Services provided by Advantage Technology:

  • Help Desk – Call for immediate tech support, including remote support
  • Virtual Servers – These exist within our datacenter and are managed by our systems administrators
  • Managed Data Backup – Keep your data safe, secure, offsite and easy to recover
  • Advantage Remote Monitoring – Be instantly alerted to any trouble on your network
  • IT Staffing – Full or supplemental IT staff embedded in your office
  • Virtual CIO – Plan long term IT solutions with experienced strategic planners who have worked for Fortune 500 companies.