Stressed by too much paperwork, Northeast Natural Energy employed custom software development to skyrocket productivity


Northeast Natural Energy had an incredibly complex system for processing invoices. Each invoice would go through the follow steps:

  1. Receive a paper copy invoice, date stamp it in, and put an approval stamp on it.
  2. Someone would code that invoice by writing the coding information in the approval stamp area.
  3. Give the invoices to whoever was supposed to approve them, including sending truckloads of invoices back and forth between Morgantown for coding and approvals.
  4. Once invoices came back, someone would manually enter every single invoice and line item into accounting software. 
  5. Scan the invoice and documentation and save it to a file on a shared drive.

This use to take 20 hours a week but after using our custom software development services for the job, it’s almost completely automatic!

The process is now paperless. It allows each department to code, access and reference invoices themselves and stores all the data in a central location. This has opened an entirely new world of reporting that has made decision-making more cut and dry.

You don’t have to take my word for it…

What did our client out Northeast Natural Energy have to say about Custom Software Development? Did it skyrocket productivity? Here’s what Autumn Humphreys, Accountant at Northeast Natural Energy, said about it in her own words:

"If we hadn’t have had the custom software application in place, there is no way I could have been doing all the various job functions I’ve been doing over the last 4 years.  It’s a major time saver when you compare it to processing everything via paper.

Let’s put it this way, it was my full time job when I started here to process invoices, and now I do so many other things and it only takes a fraction of my time."

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