Have You Outgrown Your Accounting System or Do You Just Need an Upgrade?

On September 28nd, we held our September Advantage Lunch at Edgewood Country Club. (If you’re not familiar with the Advantage Lunch, learn about it at advantagelunch.com) In addition to the pictures below, be sure to check out the Facebook photo album!

This month we invited our friends at Martin and Associates to talk with us about accounting software. We discussed the warning signs that you are outgrowing your existing accounting system. We also reviewed some of the signs that your existing accounting system, while still a viable system for your company, might be in need of an upgrade to a more recent version.

The presentation was recorded as a webinar. Watch it here.

Are you experiencing performance delays, more complex reporting needs or the need for 3rd party integrations with your existing accounting system?  If so, you might be outgrowing your existing accounting system.  Entry level accounting systems like Quickbooks and Sage 50 – formerly known as Peachtree – are great for new or very small businesses.  However, as your business grows, there comes a time when these systems can no longer adequately meet your company’s needs.

Maybe you are already on a mid-level or enterprise level accounting system, but are having compatibility issues with newer operating systems and technologies?  Are new features you would benefit from being added to newer version of that accounting system that you could benefit from?  If so, maybe you just need to upgrade your existing accounting system to the most recent version.

If either of these issues are affecting your business, Martin and Associates can help.

Advantage Technology was proud to host Martin and Associates for this special Advantage Lunch. They have over 25 years of experience working with some of the top mid-level and enterprise level accounting systems.  They dedicate themselves to implementing, training and supporting accounting systems to help you and your business succeed.