Managed Services Equal Managed Success

Joe Justice

On Tuesday, September 13, I was invited to appear on 580 WCHS’s Ask the Expert show to talk to their audience about Managed Services. While we started the show talking about the incredible ribbon cutting event happening later than morning (and if you missed it, don’t worry, you can watch the video here) We quickly started diving into Managed Services.

Managed Services are basically outsourced IT services. Think of everyday IT needs, like IT staffing, data backup and recovery, a Virtual CIO or 3rd party remote monitoring. All of these services can be outsourced to Advantage Technology and save you the time and expense of hiring employees that are essentially outside of your core business functions.

So if you don’t have an IT staff, let Advantage Technology be your IT department. If you do have IT staff, let us supplement them by offering our specialized expertise, consulting and 3rd party monitoring.

As we get into the discussion of Managed Services, I described our 3rd party remote monitoring service, Advantage Remote Monitoring (ARM). ARM typically sales for $50 a month on a server, which is a great deal, but I offered an incredible discount that I can’t write out here. You’ll have to listen to the show to learn about the special pricing and how to get it yourself, it will continue to be valid for anyone who learn about it by via to the podcast.

You can hear the entire show below or get it directly from SoundCloud.

In our discussion of ARM and the importance of 3rd party monitoring, I address the main reason it seems like a computer goes down just when you need it most. Simply put, it’s when you need it most that it’s getting the most use. Consider that a server doesn’t have much a demand on a typical day, but when a big projects come due and all your staff is trying to access the data on that server, that’s when it gets hit the hardest. By having Advantage Technology monitor that server with ARM, we’ll be able to notice if it’s running near capacity under typical usage and give you a better idea of when you need to upgrade or spread the load with a supplemental server configuration.

Are you an information technology company?

The truth is, every company is in the information technology business today. From doctors’ offices, to architects to car dealerships and retail stores, every company manages large amounts of data, but IT is not their core business function. That’s where Managed Services really makes sense. Rather than stretch yourself beyond your core business function and try to tackle your own IT, hire us to manage it for you. And if you have an IT staff that is busy predominantly with break/fix tasks, talk to us about supplementing your current staff.