Advantage Technology Speaks at FBI Infraguard Conference

Joe Justice

On November third, I was invited by the FBI’s Infragrad Coordinator, Michelle Pirtle, to present information concerning data security and cybercrime. Michelle is a special agent that travels the country to inform business about the proper measures to take when faced with a cybercrime attack. This meeting featured guest speakers from the Infragrad Partnership for Protection and others that were from surrounding businesses in the IT field.

Infraguard is a privately funded association within the FBI that represents businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies and others dedicated to sharing information to prevent security breaches that are threatening to our country. Like Advantage Technology, they focus on providing a secure environment for the exchange of data.

This specific meeting discussed what to do when faced with a cyber attack and the most efficient ways to respond. I was asked to explain ransomware attacks from a response perspective and was invited to join the panel discussion at the end of the meeting to answer questions about security risks.

After my presentation, the panel engaged in an interesting discussion with other IT professionals. We shared our views on things like handling indirect threats that could result in a data breach, like ransomware, Trojans and hacking.