An Advantage Cookout, Celebrating Friends, Family and St. Patrick’s Day

Richard Wilbur

If there is one thing we know how to do here other than technology, it’s eat! At Advantage Technology, we always value the time we get to spend together. We decided to have a potluck party on St. Patrick’s Day and even the frigid weather couldn’t stop us from having a good time! Highlights of the afternoon included grinding our own burgers and tasting all of the great platters that we brought in.

The day kicked off around noon as folks began to reveal their dishes and place them on the buffet style set up in our beautiful office kitchen. Burgers, macaroni salad, tortellini soup, cocktail shrimp and wings are just a few things off the menu that we enjoyed.

Richie Wilbur loves a good opportunity to use his neat kitchen appliances, and what better way to use his professional stainless steel meat grinder than for an office cookout? He grinded three different kinds of meat including short rib and sirloin, and prepared over 30 burgers for his staff. Oh, and did I mention he and Brian West grilled them in the snow?

 The Advantage team did a great job putting together a fun day, giving our employees and families some time to relax and hang out together. We are already looking forward to the next one!