Simpler IT. Less maintenance. More innovation.

On April 19th, we held our April Advantage Lunch and Edgewood Country Club. (If you haven’t heard about our Advantage Lunch, learn more at In addition to the pictures and video below, be sure to check out our Facebook photo album!

The topic this month was “Simpler IT. Less maintenance. More innovation.” where DellEMC Senior Solutions Engineer, Robert Upson, talked with us about convergence and hyperconvergence and how it can eliminate technical debt and empower IT Departments to spend less time on maintaining their environment and more time delivering innovative tools and resources to their company.

Check out this interactive, 360 video of the introduction to Mr. Upson’s presentation to get an understanding of the challenges that convergence and hyperconvergence address. And if you want to see the entire presentation, be sure to check out the webinar.

DellEMC has spent over $2 billion on R&D to converge compute, network, and storage devices with you getting to reap all the benefits. With converged infrastructure, compute, network and storage modules are housed in a single, custom chassis from a single vendor. Hyperconvergence adds virtualization to provided software defined compute, network, and storage; the ultimate in scalability and adaptability.

Traditional IT involves servers, storage and network devices being separate devices, often in separate physical spaces from multiple vendors and with applications and virtual machines running on top. This separation leads to an incredible amount of time and resources spent just in managing the infrastructure and making products from different vendors behave well together. And when there is a problem, each vendor will point the finger at each other.

As much as 80% of an IT department’s time is spent in maintenance with things like capacity upgrades, data migration, planned and unplanned outages, firmware upgrades and patches. All this maintenance leaves only 20% of the IT department’s time to focus on delivering innovations like data analytics, application development, and product upgrades.

Convergence and hyperconvergence are the future of IT infrastructure and are revolutionizing the industry. DellEMC is right at the forefront of that revolution. With convergence and hyperconvergence, IT departments will become more agile, more innovative and ultimately more valuable to their company or organization. With the single chassis made up of different modules all produced by DellEMC, one call can typically solve complex technical problems and your overall infrastructure becomes more scalable and adaptable.

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