Eastern Panhandle Introduction

Advantage Lunch

On May 24th, we held our May Advantage Lunch at the Bavarian Inn. (If you haven’t heard about our Advantage Lunch, learn more at advantagelunch.com) In addition to the pictures and video below, be sure to check out our Facebook photo album!

The topic this month was “Customer Appreciation and Technology Showcase” because this was our first Advantage Lunch in the Eastern Panhandle. In 2017, Accurate Systems became part of the Advantage Technology family, and we wanted to reach out to the community and get to know everyone a little better. We also wanted to introduce ourselves and give the community a better understanding of just what we have to offer.

Check out the first part of the lunch presented in 360 video below.

Along with meeting and greeting, we wanted to give everyone an idea of just what kind of new services we would be bringing to the area. Accurate Systems was a great general IT company serving the Shepherdstown area for over 17 years. The team is still going to be there in Shepherdstown and will be just as responsive and supportive as they have always been. The big difference is now they will be able to pull in the expertise available at the Charleston headquarters. Advantage Technology has a variety of specialist with advanced skills in areas like virtualization, networking, information security, and telecommunications.

We had several speakers from the Charleston Headquarters give a brief overview of their expertise.

Tom Reilly, the former owner of Accurate Systems and current Regional Vice President at Advantage Technology, discussed the state of IT as it pertains to the Eastern Panhandle.

Mike Winans is an IP phone and video conference expert capable of unifying communications across multiple locations, including home and mobile offices.

Unfortunately, Amber Bostic wasn’t able to attend due to an injury, but she sent along a presentation and I got to use it to tell everyone what she does. Amber is a prolific software developer that can uncover costly areas of your business ripe for streamlining through automation.

Jonathan Knight is our top networking engineer that can design and deliver a network capable of handling any load with an emphasis on Wi-Fi and mobility. His team also provides security solutions for the information available on that network.

Dennis Dolin is a telecommunications specialist that can procure your data and voice connections, clean-up your local network and make your business more efficient.

Nina Shell is a first class account manager whose consultative selling system helps customers find solutions to complex problems with ease and confidence.