The Advantage Lunch Reaches the Eastern Panhandle and Beyond

Last week we had our July Advantage Lunch on Cybersecurity Fundamentals. But as we’ve expanded our offices to Morgantown and Shepherdstown, it’s become important to be able to reach far beyond our Charleston headquarters. With that in mind, we set the ambitious goal of simulcasting the Advantage Lunch to the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown and via webinar.

All told, this Advantage Lunch was our most well attended with more people joining us remotely than live. That means a lot to us, as we pride ourselves on being West Virginia’s IT company, we’re constantly looking for effective and dynamic ways to reach out.

Below are photos from attendees at the Bavarian Inn enjoying the simulcast live. And in case you missed it, you can watch the webinar recording here.

Fundamentally, cybersecurity is about developing a professional, focused and thorough Information Security Plan. When developing the Plan, or having it developed for you, there are five areas to cover:

  • Policy and Procedures – This defines how your technology is to be used and the mechanisms that will be put into place to realize that use.
  • Threat Management – Manage network traffic to prevent unwanted data, such as viruses and malware, from entering and stop protected data, such as passwords and identity data, from leaving.
  • Endpoint Protection – Prevent users from inadvertently or maliciously violating security policy.
  • Security Event Monitoring – Use people and processes to evaluate network events and identify threats.
  • Security Awareness Training – Continuously educate users on new threats and how to protect themselves.