The 4th Annual Picnic on Cinco de Mayo

Last year we had our company picnic in July, and our first picnic was in August. The problem with that time of year is that it’s hot. Very hot! So this year, we thought we’d have our 4th Annual Picnic in May, and Cinco de Mayo gave us the perfect theme.

We had chicken, steak and beef tacos with all the fixing; pico de gallo, guacamole, queso, you name it, we had it! And it was all delicious. Our friends at Tastefully Dun made the main course, and everyone else brought chips, dips, and desserts.

Sure, it rained a little, but the big shelter at Coonskin Park kept us dry and we had activities for the kids. When it was dry, the playground and hiking the trails were great fun! It’s important to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Especially for folks like us, who work on computers all day.

We’ve come a long way since our first picnic. Back then the company was smaller everyone knew everyone else. We’re still a tight crew, but now and then you see someone new that you’ve never met before or get to spend a little time with someone you see rarely. And that really makes these type of events worthwhile.