Quick Bytes: Zombie Tech

Quick Byes: Zombie Tech

Believe it or not, the living dead are all around us! Things that have reached the end of their life, but just keep shambling forward. I’m not talking about human zombies, I’m talking about zombie technology.

All software and hardware has an End-of-Life when the manufacturer no longer offers support or updates. Technology that has reached End-of-Life is nearly impossible to repair when it fails and is susceptible to security exploits.

Advantage Technology is here to help with our IT Discovery, a customized plan to upgrade your technology and eliminate any zombie tech that's plaguing your business. The IT Discovery is totally free and includes a high-level scan of your network, an assessment and a site survey.

Trust me, using Advantage Technology to take on your zombie technology is a real no-brainer. That’s the why zombies hate us.

In this Quick Bytes video, I explain what zombie technology is and list a few popular, undead operating systems. Check out the video to see if you’re running any of them. Be sure to LIKE and SHARE the video with someone that will find it helpful. And if you have questions or feedback, ask in the Comment section of the video on our Facebook page!