COVID-19 and your Work-From-Home Contingency


There’s a lot of news coming out about COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. We would never offer health recommendations or advice, but as West Virginia’s largest IT company we feel it’s our duty to provide you with a little information that might help with your productivity and business continuity planning.

Plan now, so your company will be ready if the worst happens.

First off, if the worst happens and your workforce must work from home, rest assured that there are many tools available for telecommuting.

The Office 365 platform was built specifically to enable remote work. Office 365 is incredibly robust and mobile. All the applications store their data in the cloud and are accessible on any device, including Windows, Macintosh, smartphones, tablets and even web browsers. Even if all you have at home is a web browser you can still edit Word documents from OneDrive, collaborate on your PowerPoint presentation in Teams or share Excel spreadsheets on SharePoint. It’s all connected, accessible anywhere and familiar.

Let us help you deploy laptops and other mobile devices to meet all your productivity needs. You probably have a home PCs but it might not be up to replacing your office desktops.

Consider virtualizing applications or even entire computers to be accessed at home. Connect your work network to your home network with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

We also provide Voice over IP phone systems and IP camera systems that will allow you to receive calls and monitor your business from home.

A discussion about a work-from-home plan can’t be complete without addressing cybersecurity. If you’re taking files back and forth on flash drives, it’s more than just inconvenient. If that flash drive has client data and gets lost or stolen, it’s a real problem. If your laptop isn’t encrypted and gets stolen, all that data’s vulnerable. What about your home network, are your neighbors accessing your Wi-Fi? Is it secure from hackers? Are you taking that laptop to a store and using the public Wi-Fi?

Start planning today and let us help you be ready. We are here to help in any way we can.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and LinkedIn posts and our website and we will continue to help inform you. If you have any questions or topics you’d like address, feel free to email and we will get you answers.