Quick Bytes: Document Revisions in SharePoint Online

Quick Bytes: SharePoint Online

Emailing documents back and forth is a terrible idea! Before long you have names like final 2, revision A, or update 3, and you're still just working on the first draft. How do you keep up with so many changes?

Fortunately, SharePoint Online provides a solution to document collaboration. With SharePoint Online, which is included in your Office 365 subscription, you can share files with multiple people and you can all edit a document at the same time. Changes are saved in a Version History and you can quickly view previous version and even revert with just a few clicks!

No need to email back and forth or even track changes because all the edits happen in realtime to the shared document and all the changes are preserved.

In this Quick Bytes video, I explain how to use SharePoint Online to collaborate on documents. Be sure to LIKE and SHARE the video with someone that will find it helpful. And if you have questions or feedback, ask in the Comment section of the video on our Facebook page!