How can Powerful Data Insights with PowerBI help you drive growth?

Power BI Dashbaord

In the age of continually evolving consumer tastes and fierce competitive environments, a growing number of businesses are employing business intelligence to improve strategic decision-making, eliminate inefficiencies, and better grasp the needs and wants of their clientele. At its most basic level, business intelligence refers to the practice of analyzing mounds of organizational data to evaluate past and current performance while identifying and monitoring major industry trends. Now more than ever, you hold the power to leverage your company’s data – that might’ve once seemed irrelevant – to derive powerful insights and harness long-term growth. Are you ready to take the next step to a brighter future?

Identify and Harness Relevant Business Intelligence

What information is relevant? How can we transform the data in a way that is useful? What options are available to visualize the data and make it available to every level of the company? These are the questions that businesses struggle to answer when diving into the realm of business intelligence. Fortunately, Microsoft’s PowerBI bridges this informational gap by combining a user-friendly interface with advanced data analytics to foster a data-driven culture within any organization. The PowerBI platform – a collection of software services – offers an array of tools to interpret and visualize large amounts of information in real-time.

And beliee it or not, you may already be paying for Power BI. It is included in most Microsft 365 subscriptions!

From Microsoft Excel and Google Analytics to Dropbox and Salesforce, PowerBI enables businesses to bring together information from a wide range of sources into one single database. With the Power Query tool, the data can then be further refined by filtering and “cleaning” the information in a way that is relevant to your organizational needs. PowerBI contains hundreds of templates and customization features to transform the cleaned data into easy-to-understand visualizations that are updated in real-time and can be made available to anyone in the company. From this point, businesses can make use of PowerBI’s other data analysis tools – such as Q&A, Power KPI Matrix, What-If analysis, R-Integration, and custom dashboards – to explore past and current performance and examine future trends.

Let Advantage Technology Take You to the Next Level

At this point, you might be thinking, “This all sounds great, but what if we do not have the time nor the resources to implement business intelligence?” Not to worry as Advantage Technology’s talented team of software developers possess the necessary skills to get your business on the path of a more efficient, data-driven culture. With a comprehensive understanding of Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate, our developers can assist in harnessing your company’s true potential by eliminating the stress and time involved with data analytics. Our team can create customized dashboards to enable quick overview of information visualized and organized into graphs, charts, and tables. Not to mention, reports can be derived from data elements deemed pertinent within the dashboards for more detailed analysis. Last and most importantly, our team holds the ability to make the dashboards and reports accessible by anyone within your organization through multiple areas of Microsoft 365 – Power Apps, Microsoft Teams, and more!

The time is now for your business to take the leap and take advantage of modern business intelligence to enable smarter decision-making and enhance productivity across the entire workforce. The next step is the simplest of call 866-793-8232 or email us and ask to speak with Advantage’s lead software developer – Amber Bostic – to discover how to leverage your organizational information and achieve long-term growth through powerful data insights.