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Just a few days ago, on June 19th, President Trump met in the Whitehouse with several Silicon Valley tech titans. This austere group included Apple’s Tim Cooke, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and IBM’s Ginni Rometty among others.

The President wasn’t just interested in getting tips on Twitter etiquette, either. He was looking to find solutions to some big, big technology problem the US government is facing. Many information systems used by the government are terribly obsolete, and many things that should be digital aren’t.

Spy Camera

In the last few years, digital assistants have become all the rage. Amazon has it’s Echo powered by Alexa, Alphabet has Google Home, and even Microsoft has partnered with Samsung to deliver Cortana into everyone’s living room. On top of that, you have your smartphones that records everywhere you've been and more and more people are putting cameras all over their house and office that send video back to Cloud. It’s easy, convenient and ubiquitous. But should you be worried about what data is being sent to mega-corporations or is the convenience worth it?