The Advantage Lunch is back!
Advantage Lunch

The holidays are over, and the Kanawha Valley has dug out of the snow. Time to get the Advantage Lunch rolling again!

Held at Edgewood Country Club, The Advantage Lunch is Advantage Technology’s lunch and learn initiative. We take the opportunity to invite the business community in and around the Kanawha Valley and educate them on the latest trends in IT.

In 2015 our Advantage Lunch events covered:

Happy Holidays from Advantage Technology
950 Kanawha Blvd E

It’s that time of year again, holiday season! But this isn’t just any old year, this is the end of 2015, and that is a big deal to us here at Advantage Technology because 2015 will be that last year we are located at 814 Quarrier St.

For months, our new headquarters has been under construction at 950 Kanawha Blvd. E. Advantage Technology will take up the first three floors of the building with a new layout that will accommodate our tremendous growth.

Video Review - Dell Latitude 13 7000
Dell Latitude 13 7000 Series Ultrabook

Dell was kind enough to drop off one of their Latitude 7000 Series Ultrabooks for us to get our hands on. After spending a couple of days with it, Rob Robinson and I put together this quick video review.

The 13 7000 series are 2-in-1 Ultrabooks with a detachable keyboard. The thing that really sets it apart is that the keyboard unit and the tablet each have their own batteries, which means in laptop mode you get a full day worth of battery life. Even in tablet mode, you still get between 8 and 7 hours.

Two simple steps to help you collaborate with Microsoft Word
Collaborate with Microsoft Word

We’ve all been there, right? You write up a document in Microsoft Word and want to run it by someone else to see what they think. You email your file, and a little while later you get a file back with a curt response, “Looks good, but I made a few changes.”

Well, now you have a problem.

Custom build for the coal client

The client had a special need for a custom solution that gave them the full abilities of a PC with scanning capabilities located in a very small space. Since there was no room to provide a desk or any place to set a full size workstation, we were confined with the options we had to fulfill this request.

A wonderful night at the Advantage After Dark event
Advantage Afer Dark Logo

Thursday, November 12th from 5:00pm - 8:00pm Advantge Technology held our first Advantage After Dark dinner party event! It was a wonderful night with good friends, great food and drinks and an amazing live band, The Pennington Project.

Staff Recommended Horror Movies
Haunted Advantage

With Halloween coming up, I thought I would poll the Advantage Technology staff and come up with a list of horror movies recommendations. The recommendations came in three forms; new movies, old movies and fun movies. So, depending on what kind of mood you’re in, pop some popcorn, turn out the lights and fire up your favorite streaming service because here are Advantage Technology staff’s recommended horror movies.

Read on... If you dare!!


Something New:


Water damage repair with Advantage Technology
Elmore & Elmore Before and After

Imagine walking into your office one day and seeing all your tech equipment dripping with water. What would you do?

For Charleston law firm Elmore & Elmore, that wasn’t a hypothetical question. And water damage is more common than you might think. The same thing happened to Girl Scout of Black Diamond Council along with numerous other local businesses.

Apple, Google, Microsoft: The state of tech’s big three
Apple, Google, Microsoft

People may be surprised to learn that Apple use to be called a computer company and, before the smash hit of the iPod, was actually called Apple Computers. Google used to be a search engine company and made all its money from selling pay-per-click ads. And Microsoft used to be a software company that made software; IBM originally paid them to make the software for their line of personal computers.

Network Cleanup at Dixon Electrical Systems & Contracting
Network Cleanup

We recently finished a network cleanup for our friends at Dixon Electrical Systems & Contracting, Inc. This nice, compact server rack started out as a table with server, wires and cables, keyboards, mice, monitors, and power strips spread all over the place. Dixon Electrical trusted Advantage Technology turn the mess into a proper server rack.