Forrester Consulting study shows big ROI using DELL EMC PowerEdge FX2 Architecture
PowerEdge FX2 Architecture

Dell recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study on the deployment of the PowerEdge FX2 architecture. To do this, Forester interviewed several Dell customers with multiple years of experience using the PowerEdge FX2 architecture and compared their experience with traditional rack server environments. They used this information to build a composite origination with these characteristics: 230 employees and $57 million in annual revenue from sales of advertising software based on big data analytics.

Medical Group Provides Cutting-Edge Communication with ShoreTel

Back in 1969, four physicians partnered together to form what would become the Huntington Internal Medicine Group (HIMG). The following year, a plane crash claimed the lives of the entire Marshall football team, members of the coaching staff, boosters and two physicians, who were members of a different medical group. The remaining four members of that group joined with the four HIMG partners, bringing the total physicians up to eight. And with that number of doctors, the physicians were able to begin specializing.

Accurate Systems is now Advantage Technology
Accurate Systems

For over 16 years, the team at Accurate Systems in Shepherdstown, WV, has prided themselves on having a consultative partnership with all their clients. They see themselves as a member of their client’s organization, working to find the right solutions to their specific needs and delivering the highest quality technical resources. It is with that in mind that they have made the biggest change yet to their business. In order to provide the kind of resources they feel their growing community needs, they have become part of the Advantage Technology team.

Microsoft promises shared codebase for native Android, iOS and Windows with Xamarin
Xamarin Platform

A perennial problem with software development has been the complexity and challenges associated with writing code that spans over multiple operating systems and hardware platform. Going all the way back to the earliest days of computing, making portable code that can do the same thing on different machines has been a challenge. In early days, the introduction of new hardware often meant programmers had to learn whole new programming instructions and techniques.

Movie Review: Man Vs Snake: The Long and Twisted Tail of Nibbler
Man Vs Snake

Rewind back to the early 80s in small town Iowa. It is the golden age of arcade games, the era that brought us some of the big-hit classics, like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. Teens everywhere are obsessed with video games and conquering them, especially Tim McVey (not to get confused with the terrorist, the documentary explains). In 1982, the game Nibbler made its debut.

6 Considerations Professionals Should Make with Each Laptop Purchase

Your laptop is your go-to for everything from email and productivity to gaming and social networking. Everyone wants the highest performance, but it is important to consider the price and other key factors when choosing the right business laptop.

Don’t Fall Victim to an IRS Phishing Scam
IRS Phishing

With tax season upon us, we’re starting to get reports of people receiving phishing emails purportedly from the IRS. It’s important to keep an eye out for these, know how to identify them, learn to avoid them and, if possible, filter them out entirely.

Powerful Project Planning Pointers to Focus on in the New Year

Does your company have any New Year’s resolutions? Communicate better? Spend less? Work harder? Work smarter?

What about project management?  Proper project planning is essential in today’s fast-paced, tech-dominated world and keeping your team on target is essential for success. “Plan the work and work the plan” is a popular piece of advice and utilizing proper project management can be a great way to stay ahead of the pack and to deliver consistent business results.

Beat the Cloud with your own network and the magic of a VPN

Today we’re going back to basics in understanding VPNs. We’ll unpack just what a VPN is and how it’s implemented. Then we’ll look at how a VPN can give you all the mobility of the Cloud with the full control and security of you own, in-house server and data storage.

What Is a VPN?

VPN means Virtual Private Network and it allows your computer to access your private office network over a public network.

2016: A year of Change for Advantage Technology

It has been a year of change here at Advantage Technology. So, let’s take a look at the biggest stories with this year-end wrap up and then we’ll look to what technological wonders 2017 year has in store.