Ian Conrad

As a Computer Technician at Advantage Technology, I install, maintain and troubleshoot customers’ systems and various devices. My focus is on customer satisfaction, first and foremost, but I also enjoy learning about advances in (and against) modern information security, as well as Linux systems.

Before coming to Advantage Technology, I worked in the food service and retail industries, where I was able to hone my customer relation skills, as well as, my time management skills.  While at these jobs I inadvertently became the go-to “tech guy” which helped push me in the direction of IT. While I am new in the professional realm of computer technology, I have enjoyed fiddling and fooling with computers since the days of 3.5” floppy drives and monochrome monitors, as soon as I could reach the keyboard.

In my free time, I enjoy binge watching Netflix/Hulu, the Daily Show, Last Week Tonight and a variety of other stuff. I also enjoy reading, learning, getting outdoors, gardening, nerding out on the computer and spending time with friends, family and pets.

Notable Achievements

  • Eagle Scout, 2007
  • Traveled to 3 Canadian Provinces (with more to come!)


  • Comptia A+, Certified Computer Technician, 2017
  • Long-Term Substitute Teacher Permit (WV DOE), 2015


  • Marshall University, Huntington, WV
    • R.B.A., Integrated Science and Technology, Dec 2014
Computer Technician