Ridge Gordon

Ridge Gordon

As an Account Executive at Advantage Technology, I routinely meet and work with current clients and future prospects to identify obstacles, address those concerns, and develop professional solutions to meet those demands. I strategically work with decision makers to plan the best paths for growth, utilizing many tools, resources, vendors, and product lines at my disposal to personally craft the best tailored solutions for them to maximize productivity, increase their ROIs, and streamline workflows throughout their entire organization to make operations more efficient.   

Before coming to Advantage Technology, I worked at a variety of Managed Service Providers, in addition to the MSP’s, I also have a previous life with several different coprortations, both large and small, in an IT Director/Management role, as well as a ‘technical’ roles. These different positions covered multiple lines of business, ranging from those in the private sector, public sector, and even non-profits. This has allowed me to develop a very broad encompassing range of unique real-world experience, and the ability to effectively apply that knoweldge on a daily basis to my clients, as well as all aspects of life.

My focus at Advantage is not only working with the decesion makers to showcase the latest trends and tools available, but to also routinely meet with them as their ‘go-to resource’ for all things IT and technology related. These routine meetings encompass discussions and carefully crafted plans for a truly strategic approach to upgrades, budgets for those upgrades, and the foresight to be ‘ahead of the curve’ for their business’ growing needs. Anything I can do to help make businesses operate more effeciently, I will do so; I take pride in my abilities and diverse experiences to provide the best and most practical solutions for all of my clients.

In my free time, I enjoy tinkering with technology, allowing me to keep on top of the latest trends and standards as well as to keep expanding my knowledge. I also enjoy all things mechanical/engineering, especially the hobbies of restoring, working on, and maintaining automobiles, as well as antique typewriters. I faithfully enjoy the outdoors with activities such as traveling, camping and kayaking; I also enjoy any free time I have spending it with my faithful Bluetick Coonhound.

Notable Achievements

  • Before coming to Advantage, one of the things I’ve accomplished was operating my own Managed Service Provider Business in the past.
  • I’ve been a Volunteer Firefighter for over 15 years, including serving on their Board of Directors.
  • Personally Managed the migration of an entire non-profit healthcare organization’s 30+ years of records into a hybrid cloud based EHR system for billing, as well as all other aspects of patient care and trained employees on the new system
  • Have traveled through almost every one of the 48 contiguous states
  • At a previous organization, I was their sole Compliancy Officer; responsible for HIPAA, PCI and PenTesting


  • Aries Hardware + / Aries Software + / Aries A+
  • Aries Network +
  • Aries Server +
  • Aries Security +
  • BLS Healthcare Provider CPR/AED
  • WV FFI, FFII, ISO, DPO, EVOC, PIO, and a slew of other Emergency Services Certifications


  • Mountain State University
  • West Liberty University, West Liberty, WV
  • Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV
Account Executive