Steve Platz

As Acquisitions Director at Advantage Technology, my role is to continually look for acquisition opportunities that have the potential to help Advantage grow and therefore better serve our customers.

Early in my career, I had worked within the banking and health insurance fields. Those jobs laid the foundation for the creation Vested Health, a consumer driven health plan (CDHP) that I co-founded in 2001. Vested Health was one of the first CDHP’s in the US and earned many industry accolades as it rapidly grew to 25,000 members. I then transitioned from the CFO position at Vested Health to the Director of Finance at Triana Management Services, a company related to Triana Energy. This move allowed me to apply the knowledge that I had gained operating a venture capital backed company and use that experience to locate and identify potential acquisition targets for Triana. Then, in 2013, an opportunity arose to help with my wife’s family business. With the support of my Triana partners, I joined Peerless Block & Brick as President. Three years into my Peerless experience, Advantage Technology offered me an opportunity to step back into the world of mergers and acquisitions, the work that I loved. And having hired Advantage Technology throughout my entrepreneurial life, I knew the company very well and was excited to join a team that I had trusted so many times in the past.

In my free time, I love spending time with my wife, Melissa, and our 5 kids, ages 15 – 21. But it is clear that we are quickly becoming empty nesters, as we currently only have 2 kids still living at home while the other three are away at college. I also enjoy reading and listening to music.

Notable Achievements

  • Co-founder of Vested Health, which was named as one of the fastest growing US healthcare companies in 2007. The company was also recognized by Business Insurance Magazine as one of the top CDHP’s in the country and was consistently ranked as a Top-15 US CDHP/HRA provider by Inside Consumer Directed Health Care.


  • Villanova University, Villanova, PA
    • BSBA, Finance, May 1988
  • University of Charleston
    • Executive MBA, June 1995
Acquisitions Director