Charleston Blueprint

Charleston Blueprint

When Charleston Blueprint discovered there was a problem with their phone system, they turned to Advantage Technology for their expertise in telecommunications. More than merely fixing their existing problem, Advantage Technology worked to upgrade and modernize their phones.

Before the phone system upgrade, Charleston Blueprint’s phone just rang and answered. The telecommunications solution installed by Advantage Technology provided all the modern features and conveniences like music on hold, transferring calls and voicemail.

Charleston Blueprint is not just blueprinting anymore! 32 years ago, when they opened their first location, blueprints were their central business; manually creating, stacking, collating and binding the large technical drawings. Today, Charleston Blueprint boasts three locations and many more services.

As the printing process became digital, it opened other service opportunities including printing everything from large format to business cards, scanning documents, and copying. Charleston Blueprint also provides support for industries that rely on them, including selling and supporting large format printers and surveying equipment, supplies, and services.

When an Advantage Technology employee called to order from Charleston Blueprint, she heard a sound on the phone line the that she immediately recognized as a problem. Brad Williams went to meet with the General Manager, Tim Sheldon, and made some recommendations on a new phone system. Beyond simply addressing their current problem, Brad made recommendations on how to modernize the system. Tim following up on those recommendations and in a matter of weeks, Charleston Blueprint had a new phone system that met all their needs.

Phone systems are the lifeblood of many businesses. They can be very complicated, and since a phone system isn’t an everyday purchase, the options and technology can be intimidating. A trusted telecommunications expert, like Advantage Technology, can demystify phone systems for you, help you determine exactly what you need and get it installed within your budget.