Sweet Bud Dispensary

Sweet Buds Dispensary

Jennifer Miller likes people and more than that, she likes to see people healthy and happy. So, when Maryland legalized medical cannabis, she began researching how she could bring it to her community and help those suffering from things like chronic pain, glaucoma and PTSD. In time, this led her to open Sweet Buds Dispensary in Frederick, MD.

By November 2019, Sweet Bud Dispensary was putting the final touches on their facility, intending to open by Christmas. Unfortunately, it was at this time that Jennifer became aware of the incredibly complex information technology requirements Maryland puts on medical cannabis dispensaries. Security, sales, and monitoring systems all require continuous, real-time connectivity with state agencies with zero downtime permitted.

The IT demands were so specific and complex that Jennifer was unable to understand them herself. Fortunately, she was aware of Advantage Technology, and after a consultation and reviewing the compliance requirements, Advantage Technology knew exactly what to do, but there was no time to waste.

In less than 45 days, Advantage technology took Sweet Bud Dispensary from no IT infrastructure to full compliance. This Included the installation of structured cabling, Wi-Fi, Microsoft 365 and managed services, the delivery of workstations, laptops and tablets, and the negotiation of new fiber-optic and telephone circuits.

Today Sweet Buds Dispensary is thriving, and it thrills Jennifer to be helping her community stay well. Advantage Technology continues to provide managed services and IT support.

Our Advantage Is Our People

For over 20 years, Advantage Technology has been providing IT services and solutions. With West Virginia offices is Charleston and Bridgeport and a Maryland office in Williamsport, we service companies in West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region along with clients in Canada.

Because we have over 80 technicians, we can specialize in emerging areas of information technology and have dedicated resources to specific disciplines, rather than merely being computer generalists. Our focus and innovation enable us to support over 800 companies and continue to expand into cutting edge areas of information technology.