Avaya Scopia Video Solutions


Implementing successful video initiatives from in-house training systems to extending customer care in rural areas creates challenges because of the variety and complexity of systems that must work together and the need for extensive user training. 

The Scopia product portfolio is the ideal solution for organizations that need to help:

  • Existing and future video investments work together
  • Extend video services across unreliable networks to consumer video devices like smartphones and tablets
  • Reduce IT and training costs with an easy-to-use interface
  • Optimize video quality over both controlled and uncontrolled network connections
  • Ensure high-quality data (e.g. diagnostic images) receives the same priority as person-to-person video.

Scopia Video Helps Protect Your Video Investments

Scopia video solutions leverage a heritage of twenty years of focus on defining and developing standards-based technology and overcoming technical difficulties faced by users outside a highly controlled corporate network.  Scopia video solutions easily connect to video endpoints you may already have installed as well as to consumer video devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops, regardless of vendor. For healthcare organizations, this means Scopia video can work as a bridge between technology islands you may already have in place as a result of earlier installations of propriety systems from other vendors.

Scopia Video: Security, Quality and Ease-of-Use

Scopia video automatically adjusts the image quality to account for network issues – maintaining the highest possible quality transmission at all times without dropping data.  Competing solutions, initially designed for use on tightly controlled corporate networks, compensate for poor network conditions either by dropping to a lower-quality transmission for the entire session or by dropping frames—resulting in frozen or choppy video feed.

Scopia video also transmits data (e.g. diagnostic images) in the highest quality format. Most competitors offer the highest quality only for the human channel, even though, for clinicians, clinical data is a higher priority.

When it comes to rolling out effective, community-based solutions, ease-of-use is essential to success.

Avaya’s focus on the quality of the user experience means that Scopia users do not need extensive training to start, run or join a video session. Patients, translators or clinicians who join from home or the road can do so from any video-enabled device, including a laptop, smartphone or tablet simply by clicking a link.

Importantly, Scopia solutions help protect patient data with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, facilitating compliance with HIPAA requirements.