Advantage IT Discovery

Phil Payne Confused

Is your computer network a confused mess of tangled wires, obsolete computers and broken equipment? Do you find your office network unwieldy and unorganized? Does your server room look like a rat’s nest? Are you running unsupported operating systems? Is your phone system no longer supported by manufacturers? If so, then you’re in technical debt.

Technical debt is the excessive costs incurred when too much time and too many resources are spent on patching and repairing a computer network. Think of it this way, if you spend more on fixing your computer network than your computer network makes for you, then you are in technical debt.

The Advantage IT Discovery consists of a high-level view of your network with a network assessment Risk Report and site survey. Then we follow that up with a fully customized, comprehensive list of Advantage Managed Services.

Advantage Managed Services are proactive IT services curated by our experts to keep your networking running at peak performance and protect your data from disaster. There’s no obligation to subscribe to any of these managed services, but once you see how they can benefit your business, you’ll want every single one.

The Risk Report scans your entire network and identifies things such as inactive computers, lack of anti-virus, poor password protocols, insecure listening ports, unsupported operating systems, low disk space, Internet speed and many other key network management factors. This information is incredibly valuable for both identifying immediate needs and planning future changes, such as hardware replacement, cloud transitions, and software upgrades.*