Advantage Remote Monitoring

Advantage Remote Monitoring, is the easy way to manage your network by monitoring a variety of parameters that can cause trouble. Advantage Remote Monitoring can monitor your entire network including servers, workstations, routers, switches and software and will send you and the Advantage Technology Staff alerts if something goes wrong. With these alerts, Advantage Technology technicians proactively stay on top of your network in real-time and offer remote assistance when you need it. This proactive monitoring takes control, protects against threats, keeps your system up-to-date and reduces downtime by catching:

  • Security threats
  • Server errors
  • Network errors
  • Disk usage errors
  • CPU over usage
  • Overheating

Also, Advantage Remote Monitoring provides the opportunity for remote tech support to supply instant help with any number of general computing problems.

A physician's office operating with dual mirrored hard drives lost tens of thousands of dollars after a server crash. This unfortunate event could have been easily avoided with Advantage Remote Monitoring. When the main drive in their server went out, no one knew it had happened because there was no alert system in place. The backup drive took over, as it should. But then, the backup drive went out, and the entire server crashed. The loss of the server hard drive left the business with no viable network to do business, and the repair process took several days with both hard drives being heavily corrupted. Had Advantage Remote Monitoring been in place, the customer would have been notified as soon as the main drive failed, and they could have received proper repairs before the server crashed with no business interruptions.

A large law firm, who has Advantage Remote Monitoring, was running out of server space. Advantage Remote Monitoring notified the Advantage Technology team, and a technician immediately contacted the client. The technician remoted into the server using and quickly freed up hard drive space, avoiding any downtime or crashing of the server without anyone having to call Advantage Technology to report a problem.

Advantage Remote Monitoring is available in several version and price points. There is Server Coverage, which is installed on every server and provides granular details on many server parameters. Network Coverage, which is installed on an Intranet and provides granular details on many network parameters. Workstation Coverage, which is installed on every workstation, including laptops and Windows tablets, and provides basic information on user-level parameters.