Avaya Phone Systems

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Different businesses have different needs when it comes to phone systems.

But Avaya’s line of products has something for anyone, and Advantage Technology can help any business make the move to Avaya.

Avaya is a very versatile system,” Advantage Technology’s Telecom Project Manager Dennis Dolin says. “It’s very flexible, and it’s very user-friendly. Its management interface is built for someone who is just somewhat tech savvy.

“A basic user who understands how to create an Excel Spreadsheet can do the day-to-day management of the system. And that’s a value for customers.”

Dolin says the cost also is a good value.

“The cost is to get into a unified communications platform, relatively speaking is about 30% less than most of the products in its tier,” Dolin says of Avaya.

He says another reason Avaya is a good system for many businesses is wiring.

“Often, we’re in a place where there is existing infrastructure, and we have to use that legacy wiring. But we also have to look forward to protect customers’ assets. We can do that with Avaya.

“With other systems, you’d have to rewire the entire building, and that’s a huge expense. It might cost as much as the entire rest of the system.”

Dolin says Avaya is a direct descendant of Bell, so it is the oldest communications equipment manufacturer.

“They know what they’re doing,” Dolin says.

Dolin, like most of his Advantage Technology team, can design, install and maintain commercial telephone systems and voice, data and video infrastructures including fiber

The team at Advantage Technology has decades of experience designing, installing and repairing phone systems and networks that utilize Avaya products and technologies. Whether your business needs a network designed for new construction or simply need support for existing Avaya systems, Advantage Technology has you covered.

“We are not cookie-cutter,” Dolin says. “We offer multiple product lines because every customer is different. Most of our competitors, for example, offer a single product line. We offer three product lines. We’ve never come across a customer need that we couldn’t make work.”