Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing describes using 3rd party, internet connected data centers as a platform for your computational needs rather than managing physical resources in-house. The Cloud could be massive, international data center networks like Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure, it can be a file sharing service or a Software as a Service provider that provides software on demand.

Having your computational needs handled in the Cloud provides an incredible amount of scalability and access. Being Internet connect, a myriad of devices, from computers and smartphones, to cameras and data sensors can use the Cloud. Adding more resources, like memory, storage or CPU power is a matter of configuration rather than physical installation.

The use of Cloud Computing that people are most familiar with is file storage and sharing. Rather than purchasing and managing external hard drives, people store their files in the Cloud. They can access the files anywhere and easily increase their storage.

Online software is also a familiar use of the Cloud with many traditional desktop applications like QuickBooks and Microsoft Office providing online versions that don’t need to be installed locally.

There is an emerging sector called the Internet of Things, where devices like cameras or smart speakers are connected and brought to life via the Cloud.

According to Gartner, cloud computing is the fastest growing sector in information technology. Many companies, large and small, are moving away from private data centers and into the cloud.

By not having to manage the physical hardware, more time and energy can be focused on innovation. Advantage Technology is here to help you transition to the Cloud, set up applications in the Cloud or even build your own Cloud.