Data Center

Moving into a newly renovated building gave Advantage Technology the opportunity to plan and build a state-of-the-art data center from the ground up. Given this opportunity, there were three primary considerations; security, reliability and disaster avoidance.

Access to the data center is heavily restricted and monitored. Only select engineers are provided with access to the data center and anyone else required to enter must be escorted at all times.  Two-factor authentication, including biometrics, are used to enforce access limitations. All access points are closed at all times with video surveillance employed as both a deterrent and for remediation purposes in case of a physical breach.

Power for the data center is provided by Appalachian Power in Charleston, West Virginia. Appalachian Power has upgraded the power grid in downtown Charleston and is improving the entire Charleston Area with a planned $80-$100 million investment. These upgrades include rebuilding about 5 miles of transmission line, expanding two substations and building a new segment of transmission line and a new substation in the downtown area.

A Generac natural gas generator is employed to ensure power in the event of a catastrophic power failure.

Advantage Technology has contracted with the top three ISPs in West Virginia to provide Internet access. The separate ISPs provide redundancy and load balancing. Each ISP enters underground via different penetrations points to ensure access in the event of natural disaster or vandalism.

The server room itself is all concrete construction; floors, walls and ceiling. It is cooled with redundant cooling systems. Being located on the second floor of the building, the threat of flooding is eliminated. VESDA early detection and Siemens Sinorix 227 fire suppression is employed to mitigate any fire damage. VESDA detects electronic problems before they escalate or turn into a fire while Sinorix 227 fire suppression extinguishes fire in the worst case scenario.

Advantage Technology is a VM Enterprise partner with Site Recovery Manager availability. We have data replication availability and AppAssure backup data center capabilities. Private server cabinets are also available.

With this new data center, Advantage Technology strives to be the absolute best choice for our customers. Your data, servers and virtual servers are secure, accessible and safe in our hands.