Data Storage Solutions

Data is your most valuable resource. Keeping it safe, secure and scalable is what Advantage Technology delivers with Dell Storage. Dell Storage provide data storage via a storage area network. A storage area network is an array of hard drives that supplies your network with structured storage. This allow you to virtualize the data storage availability on your network.

Legacy storage systems are ill-equipped to address the business needs of today. Designed in a previous era and deployed in storage silos, these systems have limited ability to fully address virtualization needs or to deliver economies of both function and scale across today’s data center environments. Dell’s approach to modern storage architectures starts with flexible, modular designs that easily integrate across our broad ecosystem of internal and external capabilities. The result is storage solutions that specifically address workload and data center challenges, and deliver real advances in capabilities and value.

Designed from the ground up for virtualized environments, Dell’s modern storage architecture is scalable, easily enhanced, and uncoupled from the limitations of any legacy architecture with intelligent tiering and innovative licensing. It offers the ability to deeply integrate across the Dell enterprise end-to-end portfolio, deploying common technologies across a family of storage products.

Dell Storage leverages state-of-the-art technologies to help you maximize efficiency while slashing storage costs by converging servers and storage. Some businesses are expanding their existing SAN and NAS infrastructure while others are deploying software-defined storage (SDS) solutions with hypervisor-integrated systems and open-source solutions. Dell and its partners enable you to choose the best approach for your data center and evolve at a pace that meets your business needs. To meet the demands of I/O intensive workloads, Dell’s unique Data Progression technologies enable performance-optimized flash at the price of a hard disk solution. To run your business, Dell can help you achieve a balance of price and performance with your virtualized or traditional IT environments that can leverage the investments you’ve already made, thereby reducing your TCO. Lastly, a Dell cost-optimized solution is ideal for your cold data storage as it will allow you to reduce the overall cost of supporting your data.