Information Security Risk Assessment

In recent years, massive date breaches have made headlines all over the United States. From these headlines, it’s clear that many organizations, including very large business and government agencies, do not give enough attention to information security. At Advantage Technology, we’re dedicated to addressing this problem and help both large and small businesses and organizations keep their data, and their client’s data, safe and secure. To that end, we have developed the Information Security Risk Assessment.

The Information Security Risk Assessment is Advantage Technology’s premiere information security product. It is a comprehensive process that our security team will undertake with your company to survey your IT infrastructure, identify security vulnerabilities and recommend hardware, software, and policies to ensure information security.

The Information Security Risk Assessment is a comprehensive plan that extends well beyond simple network auditing. Data security is about more than hardware and software solutions. A range of activities have to be considered, policies and procedures have to be developed, and every member of your organization has to follow through.