Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner

Microsoft Gold Partner

Advantage Technology is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner. That means our team has made a significant commitment with Microsoft; completed rigorous, industry-recognized exams and certifications; and have a significant base of customers using Microsoft’s products. Entering into this partnership means we have developed a close, working relationship with Microsoft, which allows us to pass along their tremendous resources to our customers.

Advantage Technology’s specific competencies are in Cloud Platfrom, Cloud Productivity and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, and we’re the only company in West Virginia to achieve this status. Our specialty in Cloud Solutions means we’re experts with Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing service, and Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite. And, as a cloud service provider, we can directly sell these Microsoft services to our customers.

Because we have over 80 technicians, we can specialize in emerging areas of information technology and have dedicated resources to specific disciplines, rather than merely being computer generalists. Our focus and innovation enable us to support over 800 companies in West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, and Virginia, and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We also have customers in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Canada.

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington and is currently one of the most valuable companies in the world. Microsoft became synonymous with computer systems as it rose to prominence during the dawn of personal computers, thanks to the MS-DOS operating system. In the 90’s, Microsoft became a household brand when the Windows Operating System coincided with the widespread adoption of the Internet. Today, it continues innovating with its public cloud platform that includes such services as Azure and Office 365.