Network Administration

Network Administration

In some ways, your computer network is like the nerve center of your business. Think about how your feet gives your brain information through nerves when you’re walking and your brain processes that information and send new information to your leg muscles. In your network, your server sends and receives information to your workstations, and they process that information and send new information back to the server.

But it’s not really that simple with modern office networks. And all of the changes to office networks is something Advantage Technology has witnessed and understands.

Consider all of the devices that people use today. On average every business professional has three devices; workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones or wearable tech (those new smart watches are just the beginning of network connected tech that people wear). All of these devices connect and transmit data over your network. They might be accessing data on a server, connecting peer-to-peer with another device or just gathering data from the Internet.

This is only going to get worse. The future is Internet of Things, where devices like lights, kitchen appliances and security systems connect to devices on your network and the Internet.

And that’s not even mentioning the amount of data being transferred today. Today people stream videos, copy photos and large documents and all kinds of other high-demand data transfers.

That’s an incredible demand on your network. Can it handle it?

It use to be a switch or two, and a router was all you needed to keep everything humming along happily, but those days are coming to a close. You need an experienced team that can install and configure the proper networking hardware to keep your network working properly.

Advantage Technology specializes in large and small scale network installations. We use advanced switches and router from established, leading-edge companies like Dell and Aruba Networks. Our team installs clean cable runs and meticulously documents every level of your network configuration.

Advantage Technology’s meticulous documentation is what really sets us apart and gives us an incredible edge in troubleshooting and repairing those inevitable network challenges and future modifications. We work clean and we work fast.