Server Hardware

The word “server” is sometimes a little confusing because a server can refer computer hardware or the programs that run on that hardware. Here we are talking about the actual hardware itself.

Servers are computers designed to wait for any requests from users or other computers and then act on that request. Their main purpose is to be there for you, to share data and perform tasks to keep your workflow smooth and productivity elevated.

Here are some examples of server tasks:

  • Email
  • File sharing
  • Website hosting
  • Network management
  • Database
  • Custom applications

You can see these types of tasks always require on-demand access and reliability. Should your email go down or database be inaccessible, your productivity plummets. It is necessary for you to purchase modern, reliable servers with features that you and your users can take advantage of to keep your office operating at full capacity.

Why Get a Server from Advantage Technology?

There are many reasons why you should buy your computer servers from a trusted, reliable and experienced company like Advantage Technology. Here are just a few:

  • You want to work with a trusted company

Purchasing servers from anyone online or buying one second-hand is truly a bad idea. This is the main reason you must purchase from a reliable company, like Advantage Technology. Advantage Technology is an authorized dealer for Dell. You can rely on their quality, business-class performance.

  • Choices vary

Trusting an authorized Dell partner, like Advantage Technology, will not only provide an original, new server but will also provide you with the widest selections of servers. When you contact a Dell partner like Advantage Technology, you can choose a Dell® PowerEdge™ Server that includes tower servers and rack servers form factors. These servers are designed with specific features in mind. These include the powerful performance and reliability required in an office environment and the fastest response for meeting demanding workloads.

  • Prices are reasonable for each server

If you are ready to invest in a server, you should work with a reliable and trusted company. We recommend you look for a trusted partner and dealer that not only works directly with Dell, but can also customize and deliver exactly what you need at a reasonable price.

One phone call with an Advantage Technology account manager can get us all the information we need to provide you a quality quote on the server you need without fear of paying too much for features you won’t use. Then when you sign off on everything, it’ll be delivered right to your door.

Don’t settle for companies offering barebones servers at extremely low prices. They are not going to provide you with service or support. Look for a reputable company and purchase the best server that complements your budget. Advantage Technology will help you find that server.

If you are ready for a computer server or are curious about modern features, please contact us. We are an authorized Dell partner and we gladly offer you the best line of servers from the company; the Dell® PowerEdge™ tower and rack style servers.