Servers And Storage

Data, business processes and administrative controls have never been more complex than they are today. Everyone needs to access critical data at all times and business processes have to be available while administrative controls protect the information.

With severs and storage options including bare metal, virtual, cloud or a hybridization of all three, it’s never been more important to engage with a company like Advantage Technology to configure, install and manage your sever and storage needs.



A server is no longer simply a computer sitting in a storage room. Some tasks require bare metal mounted in racks, some work best virtualized, others can be offloaded to the cloud but most will require a hybrid mix of all three.



Decentralized data cannot be controlled. Limiting the access and distribution of data keeps it safe and secure from bad actors or accidental destruction.


Business processes and administrative controls, like file and email access, building access and accounting information are centrally managed to provide quick, responsive access and properly restrict critical infrastructure.



From databases to productivity suites, users rely on software to achieve peak performance. A proper server and storage solution is the cornerstones to responsive data and software deployment.