Software Development

Repetitive tasks are productive killers. That’s why automation is the key to an astronomical productivity boost. And the key to automation is custom software development.

Smart, driven executives, managers and business owners know that increasing productivity is no easy task. They spend money hiring more employees, turning to off-the-shelf software or cloud-based tools. All the while, their processes could be automated if they just turned to Advantage Technology’s developers

Legacy Software

Often business processes are built on outdated software, but no one knows how to modernize it. There is no substitute for software developers with decades of experience using legacy software, like Microsoft Access. That experience can keep business running while transitioning to something new.


Advantage Technology’s software development team can engineer and build software solutions that work with you rather than force your workflow to work with an existing convention. Harness the power of existing software like Microsoft 365’s Power Automate platform or manage your legacy tools like Microsoft Access.

Advantage Technology can bring it all together to make everything work.


Skyrocket productivity by having your own custom software for data entry, analytics, database linking, process automation, web development and app development. In the modern business world, custom software is something every business leader should consider.