Workstation and Laptop Hardware

These days, it very easy to find laptop, notebook and Ultrabook computers at a variety of price ranges. The use of laptop computers and other portable devices have become popularized all over the world in large part due to their wonderful versatility.

However, it is becoming quite challenging to identify the most appropriate computer system that can offer the right technical and productive components to fit your needs. This is why, it is important to include the industry’s finest brands whenever you are searching for a new computer. The best of which is Dell.

But let’s not ignore the tried and true desktop workstation. Mobile has become more popular and in most situations, mobile computer do the job, but desktop workstations are still the go-to computers for versatility, performance, and raw power. And with modern All-in-One workstations, they aren’t nearly as cumbersome to manage as they once were.

With all of these options for laptops to All-in-Ones, Ultrabooks to desktop workstations, finding the right solution for your needs can be daunting. And just what are the differences? Here is a quick break-down of the different kinds of personal computers:

  • Workstations – The most traditional kind of personal computer; the tower or desktop style system that a mouse, keyboard, monitor and other peripherals plug into.
  • All-in-One – Single unit desktop computers where the screen and body are combined. Mouse, keyboard and other peripherals connect to it.
  • Laptop/Notebook – These are personal computers with the screen attached to the body in a clamshell form factor. Laptops can be thick or thin, heavy or light and can have a variety of ports and drives. There is no technical difference between a laptop and a notebook, but many people think of notebooks as belonging to the smaller, thinner and lighter spectrum of laptops.
  • Ultrabook – There are laptops that conform to a particular specification trademarked by Intel. They are high-end, extremely light, have solid state drives and offer long battery life. A sub-set of the Ultrabook is the 2-in-1, which is an Ultrabook that converts to a tablet, usually by removing the keyboard.

There is also plenty of crossover with all of these form factors. For example, laptops can come with a docking station that effectively convert them to desktop workstations.

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You can only enjoy maximum performance when you build your computer with Dell which offers several desktop products ranging from OptiPlex Workstations to All-in-One desktop computers. These products come with touch applications and optional multi-touch screens.

Dell Latitude Laptop and Ultrabooks

Are you looking for an efficient portable computer for your business or personal use? We have got a range of Dell laptops, notebooks, tablets, Ultrabooks and 2-In-1 computers that you can really depend on. They are specifically designed for both business and individual use with security in mind and efficient performance.