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Why read about Advantage Technology’s amazing help desk and tech support, when you could just go ahead and experience it for yourself? Call us toll free at 866-793-8232 and you’ll immediately be talking with someone who can help you solve your technology challenges.

Help Desk

We give our help desk phone number to customers and potential customers for tech support all the time because we know that just touching base with us over the phone is going to leave you feeling better about your technology needs. First, you’re going to talk to a live, local human being that’s going to listen to your problem. They’re going to ask you questions and really understand what kind of technical help you need. Then you’ll be offered a solution.

Tech Support

Now, what does that mean? What does it mean to be offered a solution? Well, that could mean being forwarded to one of our experienced technicians, who will gather more information and possibly solve your problem remotely. Or it could mean that a technician will be dispatched to assist you in-person. It might even mean that an account executive is sent over to assess your systems and develop a long-term blueprint for building out the technology that you need to help your business grow and thrive.

That’s what the Advantage Technology Help Desk is. It’s the personal touch and the human element that listens to you and delivers the appropriate tech support. At the end of the day, that’s what we are, we’re your tech support and the help desk is the open door you step through to get started.

So call us today at 304-342-0796. Whether your computer is running slow, or you need to get pricing on a full data center installation, we’re standing by the phone waiting for your call.

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