Quick Bytes: What is Cloud Computing
What is Cloud Computing

You’ve probably heard the terms like “cloud computing” or “it’s in the cloud” a lot over the past few years. But what exactly does that mean? What is the cloud and why is it called the cloud? Why not sunshine and rainbows? Everyone likes sunshine and rainbows!
Even more to the importantly, how do you take advantage of the cloud? You’re always reading about how businesses are growing thanks to the cloud. How do you get in on that?

Two simple steps to help you collaborate with Microsoft Word
Collaborate with Microsoft Word

We’ve all been there, right? You write up a document in Microsoft Word and want to run it by someone else to see what they think. You email your file, and a little while later you get a file back with a curt response, “Looks good, but I made a few changes.”

Well, now you have a problem.

Apple, Google, Microsoft: The state of tech’s big three
Apple, Google, Microsoft

People may be surprised to learn that Apple use to be called a computer company and, before the smash hit of the iPod, was actually called Apple Computers. Google used to be a search engine company and made all its money from selling pay-per-click ads. And Microsoft used to be a software company that made software; IBM originally paid them to make the software for their line of personal computers.