Kay Casto and Chaney Server Consolidation

Server Consolidation

Recently, Advantage Technology surveyed the law firm Kay Casto and Chaney’s Charleston office and upgraded their datacenter.

Every few years, the time comes to upgrade your IT infrastructure. This is actually a great opportunity because it usually leads to server consolidation. Server consolidation reduces the physical footprint of servers, reduces operating costs and energy costs, decreases downtime and improves reliability.

It’s also a great idea, at this time, to clean-up and improve the wiring and network infrastructure.

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Here at Advantage Technology we recommend you take a look at your server infrastructure every 3 to 5 years, survey new technologies and techniques, such as server consolidation, and develop an upgrade plan. This systematic evaluation will lead to a kind of evergreen information technology where you will be constantly up-to-date and won’t be caught lagging behind shifts in technology. The “if it ain't broke don't fix it” mindset will leave your company and your data stuck playing catch-up rather than moving forward. Your technology will be stuck where it is until that point where it all breaks down, and you have to spend a fortune starting from scratch.

At Kay Casto and Chaney, Advantage Technology replaced several older severs with modern, more powerful ones. This gave the entire datacenter more overall power, enabling more virtual machines and applications to run efficiently.

The network was upgraded with more powerful switches, providing more throughput for the system. And the Storage Area Network was upgraded.

Advantage Technology is a Dell Preferred Partner and Reseller. We used Dell servers, Dell switches and Dell’s incredible EqualLogic system for storage. Due to our relationship with Dell and the fact that we are one of the area’s highest reseller, we can get incredible deals.

Our relationship with VMware and Dell, along with our team’s deep well of knowledge is the reason organization likes Kay Casto and Chaney continuously come to us for services such as server consolidation and network clean-ups.

We want to be your complete IT solutions as well, an