Unify Communication with ShoreTel Connect

Mike Winans

On June 22nd, we held our June Advantage Lunch at Edgewood Country Club. (If you’re not familiar with the Advantage Lunch, learn about it at advantagelunch.com) In addition to the pictures below, be sure to check out the Facebook photo album!

The topic this month was “Unify Communication with ShoreTel Connect” where our resident ShoreTel Sales Engineer, Mike Winans, walked us through a history of ShoreTel, how expectations have changed and how ShoreTel has addressed the evolution of the market with their new ShoreTel Connect platform.

Watch the introduction of Mike’s presentation below…

For years now there have been two different approaches to Unified Communications (UC); Premises UC Services and Cloud UC Services.

Premises UC Services involve investing in on-site hardware. This approach is feature rich, reliable, stable, secure and proven but lacks some flexibility and requires infrastructure investments.

Cloud UC Services are hosted online and offer great flexibility and efficiency. However, it has limited integration, is light on features and stability and security can be questionable.

With ShoreTel Connect, both Premises UC Services and Cloud UC Services are brought together under a single platform! This means that a user’s phone can be onsite if they are on premises, it can be hosted in the cloud if they are at a remote location or satellite office or it can be a hybrid if their location is fluid. To the users, the way the UC is delivery is completely transparent.

All of this is made possible via the incredible, new ShoreTel Connect platform. Finally, a fully integrated End-To-End Unified Communications platform. Call us toll free at 866-793-8232 or request to Talk To An Expert to learn more and schedule a demo of ShoreTel Connect.


Connect Packaging And Pricing — Profiles And License Bundles



  • All Telephonyservices
  • Desktop clientw/softphone and Outlook integration
  • Web & app dialer
  • Mobile extension(Find me)
  • Instant messaging
  • 8-party audio &4-party web


  • Ext + Mailbox
  • Up to 8-partyaudio confer.
  • Desktop clientw/ softphone and Outlook integration(Pro Call Mgr)
  • IM & collaboration*
  • Web & appdialer



  • All Essentials services
  • Voice mail + Scribe
  • On-demand call recording
  • Mobility client with IM
  • 25-party audio & web confer.
  • Salesforce /other CRM


  • All Essentials licenses
  • Mobility client*
  • Remote phone*
  • Salesforce /other CRM



  • All Standard services
  • Full call recording
  • 100-party audio & web
  • Unlimited archiving (IM, call recordings and confer.)
  • Operator


  • All Standard licenses
  • Operator