Escape your mobile prison with this simple way to increase WiFi reliability

Have you ever been in mobile prison? That point where you’ve got a mobile phone or tablet but can’t go into a certain office or leave the hallways because you’ll instantly lose your WiFi connection. Or maybe your WiFi reception will just degrade to the point where everything takes forever to download?

Well, the good news is that here at Advantage Technology we have a simple solution for getting out of mobile prison: Install multiple Aruba Access Points.

You you’re probably familiar with what a WiFi router is – and if you’re not the tech person in your office, I’m sure that your tech person is familiar. Access Points, or APs, are like the offspring of a WiFi Router and a hive-minded alien from a bad science fiction movie!

No, really.

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APs are like WiFi routers that talk to each other and respond to user demands based on what the other APs are doing! They’re so smart, it’s a little scary.

But scary in a good way.

Installing multiple APs in your office means that anywhere you move, you’ll have WiFi and as you move, your device will automatically get picked up by the closest, highest performing AP. Put one AP in the back office, one in the front and one in the conference room and everywhere you go you’ll have full strength, uninterrupted 802.11ac WiFi without the network ever changing or dropping.

This hive-minded WiFi performance is achieved through the affordable Aruba 200 series 802.11ac wireless APs with ClientMatch technology. ClientMatch continuously gathers session performance metrics from mobile devices and delivers WiFi to your mobile device based on which AP delivers the best performance. If you move away from an AP or if RF interference impedes performance, ClientMatch automatically steers the device to a better AP.

In addition to freeing you from mobile prison, the Aruba 200 series APs also make the most efficient use of all that data that in going into your device.  The 200 series APs support priority handling and policy enforcement for unified communication apps, including Microsoft Lync with encrypted video conferencing, voice, chat and desktop sharing.

We do highly recommend you have your APs installed and configured by a trained network administrator, like the specialists at Advantage Technology. To get more information call us at 866-793-8232 or request to Talk to an Expert and we’ll call you.