Cutting the ribbon at 950 Kanawha Blvd E

Ribbon Cutting

On September 13th, 2016, Advantage Technology was proud to hold our ribbon cutting for our new headquarters located at 950 Kanawha Blvd E in Charleston West Virginia.

It was an incredible event, and I am personally proud to have been a part of it. In addition to the president and CEO of Advantage Technology, Richard Wilbur III, we also had the president of the Charleston Area Alliance, Mathew Ballard, the Kanawha County Commissioner, Dave Hardy, and the West Virginia Secretary of State, Natalie Tennant, present to help us with the ribbon cutting and offer a few words of encouragement and celebration.

On a personal level, I would ask you to watch the entirety of the video below to get a feeling of the full breadth and scope of this momentous day. 15 years ago Mr. Wilbur was answering service calls from a home office and today we are cutting the ribbon on a three story complex that houses technicians that specialize in IT help desk, servers, networking, telecommunications, phone systems and software development. It’s the culmination of an incredible journey and the beginning of a whole new journey as we stretch into the larger South Atlantic and Mid-Atlantic Regions and beyond.

The proclamation presented by West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant reads, verbatim:

Whereas, Advantage Technology opened more than 15 years ago in Charleston, West Virginia by founder Richard Wilbur III, a West Virginia University graduate; and

Whereas, Advantage Technology was established to provide cutting-edge and affordable information technology solutions that help West Virginia businesses grow and have long-term success; and

Whereas, Advantage Technology has grown its staff exponentially over the years, from a single worker to more than 50 self-directed, self-motivated employees with high-level skillsets; and

Whereas Advantage Technology is an integral part of Charleston’s business community, having built longstanding relationships with local clients while extending its services to more than 425 companies in West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida; and

Whereas, Advantage Technology outgrew its former base of operations and moved to its current location at 950 Kanawha Boulevard East in Charleston with further goals of expanding in West Virginia and beyond.

Therefore, I, Natalie E. Tennant, the Secretary of State of West Virginia, do present this Proclamation to

Advantage Technology

In recognition and appreciation of its investments in West Virginia

Thank you all so much. We are nothing without you and our people.