Mobile devices now at risk for ransomware and crypto viruses

Mobile device ransomware

Back in August, Joe Justice discussed ransomware and crypto viruses on our podcast and explained the threat they present to your computer systems. Today, I am going to write about the most recent types of mobile ransomware, what is going on, and what you can expect.

Did you know that ransomware has become a major security threat for mobile users, particularly Android users? Mobile operating systems across the globe are falling victim to mobile malware and it is different than what we have seen previously in infected computers.  By simply sending a text or manipulating you to download a malicious application, a hacker can gain access to all of your data, and people are paying money to get their information back. Now that mobile malware is becoming more prevalent, it’s a reminder that a mobile device can do just as much as an average computer. It is just as important to protect your mobile phone as your computer systems.

I believe that mobile companies are focusing too much on usability and not enough on security. Finding a great balance is crucial for protection against mobile malware. Blocker methods are the most popular technique to infect Android devices, and they work by simply blocking the user’s existing apps with their own, disabling the victim from using any apps at all.

Large corporations can be negatively affected by mobile malware depending on the organization’s mobile device policy and mobile device management. If not, there is no accountability or administrative abilities to combat the infected mobile device.

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