How one branch office went from telecommunication turmoil to comprehensive communication in under 3 days

As the senior project manager at PCS Manage, Travis Arey likes to keep things simple. Technology is a tool his business needs to function properly, just like any business. So, when PCS Manage was facing system malfunctions, Mr.Arey handed it over to us at Advantage Technology.

Mr. Arey grew up here in the Kanawha Valley and attended Marshall University, earning his bachelor’s degree in organizational psychology. He then received his master’s degree in building construction from Virginia Tech and now works as the senior project manager for PCS Manage. As the senior project manager, Mr. Arey has many duties, and one of them is making sure his clients can effectively communicate with his staff.

When he called us at Advantage Technology with complaints that the performance of his voice over IP phone system was inconsistent, we knew just how to help. Not only was he facing phone system failure, but PCS Manage was also moving business locations, and we thought this would be a great time for an upgrade.  Dennis Dolin, our communications engineer, helped him decide which approach was best fitting and was there for support every step of the way.

“From the beginning, Dennis came in and explained everything very well, involving the proper team players resulting in a smooth and easy process.”  PCS Manage was using a pricey VoIP hosted solution and sometimes that system is fitting, but after researching Mr. Arey’s needs, our team decided to implement the digital NEC platform. Thanks to Advantage Technology’s quick and simple installation process, Mr. Arey got his company back on track with clear communication.

“I’m a simple person, and the biggest thing to me is that is it just works. It functions, and we don’t have to tell a customer that we will call them back on our cellphones now.” As the senior project manager, Mr. Arey is in a client facing position and effective communication is very important for overall success. 

“I really appreciated the hard work, it only took them three days and they even stayed over to troubleshoot and really made sure everything was working properly. I would definitely recommend Advantage Technology’s services to other businesses.”

Why choose NEC?

We know saving money is also important to businesses, so we make sure to choose the most cost-effective option for their specific needs.  Dennis chose the digital NEC because it still provides enterprise-level functionality, such as voicemail to email, remote teleworker options, and cellular phone integration that the more expensive VoIP platforms provide but for a lower price. It also carries a 5 year manufacturer warranty and truly holds the most value for single-location businesses with forty employees or less.

When a business is searching for a solid unified communication solution, it is important that they turn it over to the most competent telecommunications company. There are so many different types of phone systems that have unique features and even unique limitations, so choosing the proper company to take care of your needs is crucial.

Why Advantage Technology?

Advantage Technology is an authorized dealer for NEC and many other leading providers, and we know what it takes to install and set up the proper phone system for your business, large or small. We have a unique process outlined for each specific client and will work with you to ensure your company gets the phone system that they require. Call us today for more information on our telecommunication services and see how Advantage Technology can help your business today!

For over 15 years Advantage Technology has been providing IT services and solutions. We currently serve over 425 professional companies and organizations in West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida and has provided support all over the mid-Atlantic United States and parts of Canada.

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