Recently Discovered Vulnerability in NEC Phone Systems Leaves Thousands Vulnerable to Toll Fraud

NEC SL1100

Our telecommunications engineers have recently discovered a security vulnerability in the popular NEC SL1100 phone systems that can be exploited for toll fraud. Commonly known as “phreaking,” Toll fraud is the practice of exploiting vulnerabilities in phone systems and is quite possibly the oldest form of hacking. To this day, phreaking accounts for more monetary damage than credit card fraud. Once a hacker has compromised your phone system, they are virtually undetectable and capable of routing calls – including international calls –  through your system and sticking you with the bill.

All phone systems, just like computer systems, networks, and mobile devices, are susceptible to security vulnerabilities. Manufacturers like NEC put tremendous effort behind securing their systems, but no system can be made completely secure. Security requires constant vigilance, particularly in today’s connected world.

What can I do?

If you have an NEC SL1100 phone systems, contact us immediately at 866-793-8232 and ask to speak with one of our telecom experts like Dennis Dolin or Kirk Mordecki. If you have an NEC phone system but are unsure of the model, go ahead and give us a call. We will inspect your system, identify if it has been compromised, and take the appropriate measures to eliminate the threat.

What if I’m already a victim?

In our experience, if toll fraud is discovered by a qualified technician, the carriers – AT&T, Verizon, Frontier, etc. – will waive the charges. But you need a trained telecommunications expert to determine the fraud is taking place and patch to your system.

So if you suspect you are vulnerable or a victim, don’t hesitate, contact us right away at 866-793-8232.