Forrester Consulting study shows big ROI using DELL EMC PowerEdge FX2 Architecture

PowerEdge FX2 Architecture

Dell recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study on the deployment of the PowerEdge FX2 architecture. To do this, Forester interviewed several Dell customers with multiple years of experience using the PowerEdge FX2 architecture and compared their experience with traditional rack server environments. They used this information to build a composite origination with these characteristics: 230 employees and $57 million in annual revenue from sales of advertising software based on big data analytics.

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The study found that the hypothetical organization would realize an overall net present value return on investment of $6.3 million—a 58 percent return on an infrastructure investment in the FX2 solution of nearly $11 million. What’s more, compared to rack servers, the FX2 architecture provided an immediate 15 percent acquisition cost savings or, more accurately, cost avoidance. This would amount to about $12.7 million over three years.

You can download the entire study here.

What is the Dell PowerEdge FX2 architecture?

The PowerEdge FX2 architecture is a converged infrastructure platform that offers a significant departure from typical rack servers and storage. The FX2 hosts flexible blocks of server and storage resources while providing efficiencies through shared power, networking, IO, and management within the chassis itself.

The 2U chassis supports multiple modules for computing, storage and networking into a single unit. Scaling is easy with agile deployment and configuration. The PowerEdge FX2 architecture is an ideal platform for data centers and highly virtualized environment.