Martinsburg Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Advantage Technology

Martinsburg Chamber of Commerce

On Wednesday, May 3rd, I was delighted to attend an orientation for the Martinsburg Chamber of Commerce. The event was held at the Shepherd University Martinsburg Center, and new members were welcomed by the Chamber staff (along with some delicious cookies, of course). Since our acquisition of former Accurate Systems, we were excited to get introduced to the businesses in this community.

While there, I met with chamber CEO, Tina Combs, and was informed of the great community events that take place year-round in the region, like golf tournaments, tailgates under the stars, and auctions. Since we’re headquartered so far away in Charleston, creating and maintaining relationships is especially important. Martinsburg and Shepherdstown are perfect examples of the kind of friendly, welcoming towns West Virginia is known for, and we are eager to start forming great relationships with their people and businesses.

As Advantage Technology has grown and expanded, chambers have been an important resource in helping us meet people and learn about new areas. The Martinsburg Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic community organization, dedicated to growing connections and local businesses.  Shortly after the orientation began, I realized there is never a shortage of fun activities, luncheons, networking events, and opportunities to volunteer in the community.  The members were very welcoming and ready to support one another. 

The best part of the orientation was how organized it was. From the beginning and right up to the end, Tina had informative presentational slides that educated the new members about opportunities and networking tools. Getting together and unlocking those awesome chamber benefits was a fun and informative experience. Thank you to the Martinsburg Chamber of Commerce for putting together this orientation and giving a warm welcome to Advantage Technology.